About Us

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Car Specials Joburg is an online source of information for car buyers. We provide links and posts of the best deals available from car dealerships across Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng region of South Africa.

We are committed to marrying the car buyer and dealer into long term performance based relationships based on trust and delivery.

What We Do

Optimized and administered by Oink South Africa Directories & Marketing, this website is only one in a network of online marketing initiatives focusing on the automotive industry in South Africa. Our aim is to source car specials and put the consumer directly in touch with car dealers providing better deals.

Our Partners

Oink is a proud marketing partner of McCarthy Call A Car and a number of independent car dealerships across Gauteng and South Africa at large. Visit the Oink Call A Car website. Use the search facility and discover a world of car deals. Our experience in the world of automotive marketing combined with over 100 years of McCarthy’s active involvement in the industry places Oink at the leading edge of integrity based car sales.

In short, with the resources and vast experience available to us Car Specials Joburg is well positioned to bring you the best quality cars at the best possible prices.